Welcome to the personal page of Charles J. Di Bartolo. If you are contemplating a business relationship with us you might want to know more about my background and history. You can go to my Bio to find out more about my history. Click on the links below to see what I'm doing presently. Or CONTACT ME to see what's coming in the near future, because there is a plethora of spectacular things planned That can help your business grow.

This website is for business and about business solutions. If you share my affinity for business I hope you will find my blog enlightening and helpful. Feel free to share ideas and opinions. If you're an entrepreneur

During my career some of the industries I have been involved in are :

  • Website Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • sales and marketing
  • CRM and Sales Databases on the Cloud
  • Online Business Solutions
  • Payment Processing

Some of the websites I am involved with currently are:

The reasons for these associations are simple. Every business needs to market their company, products or services. They also need to promote themselves virtually, on the web, in print, through the use of some type medium, and they need to take payments in more than one form. Through the use of these entities I can help any business to work more effectively in these areas.

Feel free to browse through my BLOG or latest news section, where you'll find business problems and solutions of today and tomorrow. There are many new challenges for today's business. While basic principles stay the same, solutions to business problems sometimes require new marketing techniques or sales strategies or technology. These new techniques and strategies can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively, creating more profits and allowing for more time to let you enjoy life. Hopefully you will find my BLOG interesting and useful for your company.